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Il Gelso Moro

The Farm coltivation is Organic Certified since its born in 2004. We produce only one red wine and in a few years a second one, a white wine by Verdicchio grapes. Grape harvest and all farming in vineyard are made by ourselves. The Grapes are manually selected in vineyard and then soaked and fermentated only by natives yeasts. The all vinification process is naturally completed without additives, clarification and filtration. We use only a few quantity of solfities.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 6600
Ettari vitati: 2.9
Zona viticola: Morro d'Alba

Vini prodotti:
Marche Rosso IGT
C. da Fosso Roberti n. 2
60030 Morro d'Alba IT
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