Produttore - IT

Nadir Cunéaz

We are small farmers, small wine producers, but great enthusiasts who day by day take care of the old mountain vineyards in a NATURAL way. The wine we produce wants to give back the "Enoic" story of the Aosta Valley in a simple and sincere way.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 10000
Ettari vitati: 1
Zona viticola: Valle d'Aosta

Vini prodotti:
Badebec, Rosso Valle d'Aosta DOP Grandgosier, Pinot Noir Valle d'Aosta DOP Les Gosses, Rouge Vallée d'Aoste DOP Pantagruel, Gewurztraminer Valle d'Aosta DOP 5 Jours, Vino Rosé Gargamelle, Vino da uve stramature Gheddo, Vino Rosso Vins des Géants, Vino Rosso
Fraz. Resselin 2/g
11020 Gressan IT
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