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We are a small (little bit over a hectare) vineyard in Jerzmanice Zdroj in Poland. Vines are planted south facing hill with terraces. When in comes to work with vines, we follow biodynamic philosophy. Wild yeast, spontaneous fermentation, than we choose between maceration (and time on the skins) or no maceration, we love old barrels ,clay amphoforas. We do not control temperature. In most of our wines we do not use sulphur.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 2000
Ettari vitati: 1.3
Zona viticola: South of Poland

Vini prodotti:
We produce reds , whites, roses, oranges (many types with different maceration time ) and Pet-nats . Most important in our production are: -Souvigner Gris -Hibernal -Pinot Gris -Muscaris -Cabernet Cortis -Seyval Blanc -Solaris
Jerzmanice Zdroj 78
59500 Zlotoryja PL
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