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is in Sicily, in the west, in the Marsala and the island of Pantelleria, Marco De Bartoli, believing strongly in the traditions of viticulture of its territory, you start to rediscover and cultivate a close link between the traditional and innovative methods of working land and wine production. And it is precisely this search for excellent quality, in conjunction with respect for tradition Sicilian wine that they prefer to Marco De Bartoli use of grape varieties and in particular the Cricket, in Sicily since the Phoenician and the basis of the classic Marsala, and Zibibbo, from which we get the famous Bukkuram, raisin wine of Pantelleria. This is how the wines of Marco De Bartoli, the first of which is the Vecchio Samperi, a wine made with the old method soleras that, through a sequence of steps a small percentage of younger wine in casks containing older wines, allows you to create a harmonious blend of different vintages, with a unique taste and inimitable.
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Vecchio Samperi - Bukkuram - Marsala Sup.Oro Vigna La Miccia - Marsala riserva - Grappoli Del Grillo - Pietra Nera - Rosso di Marco-Integer Grillo -Integer Zibibbo
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