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Bisi Az. Agr.

In 1926 the current estate owner’s grandfather bought a vineyard called Roncolongo, establishing the winery called Azienda Agricola Bisi. He later built a small cellar where he could process his own grapes and age his own wines, setting himself a prime objective: to produce top quality wines. Despite the time that has passed and the three generations that have followed one another, the love for the land and the passion for wine have remained central to all the activities and initiatives that have contributed to the development and growth of the estate to its current size. The vineyards are tended directly by the family, following the best viticultural tradition and the utmost respect for the environment.The grapes are harvested, selected and immediately vinified following the biological rhythms of the grape ripening. Consolidated experience underlies all the following phases, guaranteeing genuine and superior quality wines that are an expression of the territory and the people who produce it.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 90000
Ettari vitati: 30

Vini prodotti:
Barbera P. Pavia igp - Rosso P. Pavia igp - Croatina P. Pavia igp - Pinot nero P. Pavia igp - Riesling P. Pavia igp
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