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Daniele Favaro Winery

2020 is the year of the first harvest and the Moscato that Daniele has cared for with passion and dedication rewards him in an unexpected way, to say the least. In the vineyard no weeding or chemical additives and in the cellar Daniele Favaro immediately follows the path of indigenous yeasts, spontaneous fermentations and coarse filtrations.. Erta Barbera vinified in amphorae with maceration and refinement is added in 2021. 21 acres of biodiversity trails leading to Big Bench 295 on the property
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 2600
Ettari vitati: 2.5
Zona viticola: Langa Astigiana

Vini prodotti:
LE CESARINE Moscato Secco vinificato in acciaio 20.20 Moscato secco vinificato e affinato in anfore di terracotta ERTA Barbera vinificato e affinato in anfora di terracotta
Regione Castagnola 1
14058 Sessame IT
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+39 3403594452