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Cantina Antonioli

Put an archaeologist and an art historian together in a mountain farm at 650 meters a.s.l. near Gubbio and you will get an idea of what a big lifestyle change is. The 5 hectares of vineyards, between 70 and 120 years old, are divided into 18 smaller sections, which we have recovered and cultivate through sensitive viticulture. All the operations in the winery are carried out manually: grapes are destemmed by hand on a trellis, then crushed by feet and pressed with a manual vertical press.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 12.000
Ettari vitati: 5
Zona viticola: CII - Umbria IGT

Vini prodotti:
ANTIMES Umbria Bianco IGT (Trebbiano Toscano/Malvasia) AMBRATILE Umbria Bianco IGT (Trebbiano Toscano/Malvasia) GRABOVIO Umbria Rosso IGT (Barbera/Merlot/Ciliegiolo/Canaiolo) AGRESTE ELEGANTE Umbria Rosso IGT (Merlot/Sangiovese/Ciliegiolo/Barbera) IL MALE MINORE Umbria Rosato IGT (Trebbiano Toscano/Ciliegiolo) IL MALE MINORE Umbria Rosso IGT (Merlot/Ciliegiolo)
Frazione Loreto n° 133
06024 Gubbio IT
+39 3406142134/+39 3280525664