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Mario Macciocca Az. Agr.

The company started in 1945 when my grandfather, Giuseppe Macciocca, decided to buy land and to plant vines. In 2000, I took over the at this point forgotten company, giving it new life. In the vineyards, at every moment, my rule is to not destroy the symbiotic relationship between plant and soil. For this reason, I do not use any synthetic chemical products and prefer to work mechanically and with natural fertilisers.
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Cesanese del Piglio DOCG 2016 "CIVITELLA"- Cesanese del Piglio DOCG 2016 "TERRA" - Passerina del Frusinate 2017 "Monocromo#1" Rosato del Frusinate 2017 "Monocromo#2" Cesanese 2017 "Monocromo#3"
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