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Our associate Giovanni Batacchi PIAN DEL PINO Farm in Tuscany wrote:

As for the 2011 vintage here in Tuscany we are not all happy. As usual the media palm us off with information out of reality.
Actually the year 2011 will be remembered as one of the most difficult to make wine. It resembles in some aspects to that of 2003 but with some differences, in my opinion, both positive and negative.
In 2011 we had a reduced acidity, especially of malic acid, with high grades beyond those of 2003 in Tuscany at least. We could rest some days because of the rain and plants never “stopped” growing!
We have a very sugary must, both dense and dry that strained our pumps.
It is essential to avoid high vinification temperature and the must should be well monitored as the risk of stuck fermentation is quite high especially when the nitrogen content is low.
It will be a year that will put a strain on our natural fermentation without yeast artificial!
This year, however, we can really see the potential that the treatment of organic soil can give us. Who has better been able to humus the soil has certainly better harvest both from the “tone”of grapes perspective and from the smells standpoint. This year we can clearly see the role of “sponge” humus!
We will see later, however, that where there has been a good care of the soil and plants (by avoiding practices such as defoliation for istance!) and a careful management in the cellar, the year 2011 will certainly be very interesting.

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