Villa Favorita 2016, an edition to remember

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Record visitors and strategic decisions for the future of the Association,

VinNatur celebrates an extremely successful edition

For three splendid days the sun shone on the 13th edition of the Natural Wine Exhibition at Villa Favorita, organised by VinNatur, the Association of Natural Winemakers which took place from 9th to 11th April in the rooms of the historical villa Da Porto, known as “la Favorita”, in Sarego (Vicenza).

Many enthusiasts spent time tasting the wine, talking to the over 150 winemakers who came from all over Italy and Europe, and enjoying naturally grown wines, together with numerous gastronomic specialities prepared by the expert artisans.

Being able to taste good wine and good food whilst enjoying the sunshine and the green parkland surrounding the villa is part of the magic of Villa Favorita”, explains Angiolino Maule, founder and President of VinNatur. “Each year a wonderful, light-hearted atmosphere is created here where producers and visitors share and exchange experiences. We believe that this is the true meaning of wine which, let’s not forget, is still one of life’s pleasures. Even for winemakers like us who make a living out of it.”

There were a record number of visitors this year, reaching 4,600. As a result, a 20% rise was recorded with respect to 2015 which had also seen an increase.

Among these, the number of industry-related operators present was confirmed from last year showing once again the great interest in the exhibition by the press and, above all, foreign wine importers. As always, the tasting room proved to be a valuable work instrument where buyers and journalists from many countries were welcomed over the three days, in particular, from Scandinavia, from Belgium to Denmark; USA; Japan and Germany; with Canada and Austria on the increase, along with the new entries Poland and the Czech Republic.

Angiolino Maule goes on to say, “For our association this edition of the exhibition was very important for another reason as well. During the members’ meeting, the provisional text of Regulating the production of VinNatur natural wine was approved which contained the guidelines for the method of producing wine according to the association, together with a draft of the plan for checks. The final text will be approved in an extraordinary members’ meeting which will take place in the coming months, and then disclosed. The decision to write down the acceptable and unacceptable procedures in vineyards and cellars in a document and to ensure that this is adhered to through checks is a step that we felt was essential to convey the correct value and the correct recognition to our daily commitment towards farming whilst respecting the environment, our health and the health of those who drink our wines. Being a member of VinNatur means producingquality winesbynatural methods linked to the land without technological interventions, namely making courageous decisions every day to continue along a path that is far from easy.

But this is the path in which we believe. And the main aim of this regulation is to clearly and transparently communicate our work to anyone who buys a bottle of VinNatur natural wine”.


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