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Any individual, corporation or company can become a “supporting member” of the association. If you share our passion for natural wine, for scientific research and defending the environment, and you are prepared give a small financial contribution to help the association, please join us.

By becoming a supporter, you will be directly helping to sustain the activities carried out and promoted by the association. You will also have a profile created on this website and become a visible part of our network that unites winemakers, trade and consumers.


Registration requires a €50 contribution which will be requested upon enrollment and is valid for 12 months.

What are the advantages to being a supporting member?

  • Economically and directly supporting the Association and all of its work,
  • Gain visibility on a portal which is visited by hundreds of people every day with a personal space in which to highlight one’s own business,
  • Receive a free entrance pass (for one person) for every public wine tasting events organised by the association (i.e. VinNatur Tasting, Genova, Rome and abroad…)
  • Be kept informed regarding upcoming events, promoted activities, research results and all our other news.
  • Get your hands on some VinNatur merchandise… coming soon!
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