How healthy are VinNatur wines?

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For the past three years, VinNatur has decided to analyze in depth the products of each associate in order to monitor compliance with delegated member companies.
In 2012, the analyses carried out evidenced 120 pesticide active principles  (ie all chemicals present in the market used for the care of the vineyard) and the total amount of sulfur dioxide. The laboratory Enocentro (Verona) edited the work. Some friends of the LINFOGRAFICO took care of the graph you can see below which shows in details the results obtained.

It is an intensive and accurate labor that represents the most important process of “self-analysis” undertaken by an association of wine growers. This practice is meant to embody the will of VinNatur to operate in a transparent way with the utmost respect for consumers and professionals in the world of wine.?These tests are designed to raise awareness of both producers and consumers on the use of certain chemicals used in agriculture; it is worth remembering that these practices, besides damaging human health, they cause leave residues in the vineyards creating serious ecosystem imbalances with losses of biodiversity and impoverishment of the soil
The results of the analysis, concluded a few days ago may be summarized as follows.? On a total of 135 analyzed samples, 126 were completely free from any type of pesticide, while the remaining 10 presented residues of pesticides. This is a very encouraging result compared to previous years observations since we experienced a 65% decrease of wines polluted.
The analysis of total sulfur dioxide showed that 43 wines appeared to have less than 10 mg / l of sulfur dioxide (the law in such cases allows to affix the label “DOES NOT CONTAIN SULFITES”), the remaining 97 wines were below 60 mg / l with a few exceptions that exceeded this level.
The list of the most deserving companies that proved not to use pesticides for many years, and committed themselves to decrease or disuse sulfur dioxide will be published soon.

8 responses to “How healthy are VinNatur wines?

  1. Thank you for a very good initiative.
    However in order for ordinary wine consumers to understand how good natural wines are you should compare with ordinary wines.
    Pesticides in ordinary wines minimum traces of 4. Levels 40 – 400 micrograms/l (limit for drinking water 0.5 micrograms/l)
    Sulphites: 100 – 300 mg/l
    Other additives use to manipulate aroma, taste, viscosity should be mentioned.

    The use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers reduces the root-zone to about 400 mm. The organizms are eliminated. Therefore the minerals can not be picked up by the roots. Thus the “terroir” is lost.

    The high sulphur levels reduces the aldehydes that contain a lot of the aromas.

    Thus ordinary wine do not reflect the grape or the terroir.

    Natural wine is not only more healthy they also taste better!

    Best regards

    Rudolf Sillén

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