The VinNatur Association’s Mission Statement

The VinNatur Association unites growers from around the world, who defend the integrity of their territory, respect the history, the culture and the art that have been handed down to them by generations of previous winemakers and contadini while drawing force and inspiration from contemporary ecological ethics.

To produce wine in a natural manner means to fully respect the territory, the vines and nature’s cycle and, through experimentation and research, to limit the use of invasive and toxic chemical and technological agents both in the vineyard and in the wine cellar.

It is the Association’s intent to preserve wine’s individuality from the standardization that chemistry, technology and industrialization have brought to the world of agriculture and particularly to wine-related activities. It is the VinNatur Association’s goal to combine the forces of these growers and make each of them stronger, more capable and more visible through the sharing of experiences, studies and research.

The Association invests its resources in and is particularly attentive to the needs of associated viticulturists with regards to their final consumers.

Some of the cornerstones of VinNatur’s activities are:

  • the fight against pesticides: every year the Association analyses one wine from every associated viticulturist, at its own cost. The analysis, carried out by an external state-of-the-art laboratory, is based on the search for 388 active ingredients in synthetic pesticides. In other words, the search is for those synthetic vine disease pesticides that permeate the lymphatic system of the plant, then get into the grapes and consequently into the wine produced,
  • research carried out in collaboration with private laboratories and the university sphere regarding vinification techniques. In depth studies and experimentation concerning spontaneous fermentation and all of the wine aging and preservation processes,
  • experimentation of innovative agricultural approaches heavily inclined toward respect for the environment. Methods whose goal it is to eliminate the use of copper and sulphur in order to reestablish a natural balance in the soil,
  • organization of conventions and courses to train and inform the associates regarding the research being carried out and particularly about techniques, production and enological practices. At the same time, information and public divulgation regarding the developments of the research being carried out,
  • organization of at least one annual event in which all of the associates participate at a moment in which all of the associated vine dressers and enthusiasts of the world of wine and the market operators can meet