A number of important steps must be followed in order to become an active part of VinNatur and a producing member of the Association.

The executive committee of the Association has delegated a sampling team to evaluate the wines of those companies who want to join VinNatur.

The goal of the sampling is to inquire into the territorial characteristics of the wine, its trueness to the vine and the naturalness of the product. Negative considerations will include scents not belonging to the vine or the terrain, namely standardizations caused by selected yeasts, added tannins, clarification, acidification or other.

Samples should be sent to the Association headquarters:

Association VinNatur c/o Angiolino Maule

Località Monte Sorio 8 

36054 Montebello Vicentino (VI) Italy

Samples should include a total of 4 bottles (preferably of two types of wine which best represent the company). They must be bottled and labelled, and cannot be tank samples. 

An e-mail must be sent to info@vinnatur.org containing the company’s data and a brief technical description of the company and its products (number of hectares, bottles produced, cultivation and vinification methods, etc.) when the samples are sent.

If the sampling team return a positive result, the wines will be sent to the Enocentro Laboratory (VR) where they will be analysed for the following:

  • residual pesticide analysis (testing for over 200 active ingredients of pesticides),
  • total sulphur dioxide analysis

A contribution of € 100.00 to cover the costs of the analyses will be required.

The sampling committee’s acceptance qualifies the company as a full member and grants participation in the Villa Favorita event as well as all of the Association’s future events.