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For the VinNatur Tasting in 2019, the Association of natural winegrowers presented the N.0 of the new periodical : a magazine dedicated to our members, enthusiasts and consumers to tell in an engaging and no-frills way what it means to produce natural wine.

Now, while waiting for VinNatur Genova 2020 (23rd and 24th February at the Magazzini del Cotone) we can make public a preview of the VinNatur Magazine’s Issue 1. Flick through the pages and read the introduction by Mario Plazio, details of VinNatur Genoa 2020 and the results of the Workshop last May. We also explain how the Valoritalia control body works, whilst oenologist Giacomo Buscioni talks about defects in winemaking – how to recognize and how to prevent them. Finally, we hand the metaphorical microphone over to other winemakers for them to talk about their experience in the association.

Click on the cover image below to start reading… or click here to read Issue #0

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