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Video 06 : #NEW11: Daniele Piccinin, le piante curative per il vigneto.

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The subject of the sixth video is Daniele Piccinin, a young vine grower who for a few years has been experimenting a new method for looking after vineyards.  His short intervention witnesses the passion that young farmers have when approaching this world, bringing great inspiration to improve our research work.

Video 05 : #NEW11 : Elisabetta Foradori, contadini, attenti osservatori della Natura.

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The difficulties and risks of a job that is both difficult but at the same time fascinating told by a vineyard owner who knew how to transform her vineyard over time, becoming the promoter of a way of cultivating that is only slightly invasive but free from chemical interventions. An example of a medium-large sized […]

Incontro tecnico per produttori – Bologna – sabato 25 febbraio 2012

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Technical meeting for  winemakers – Bologna – Saturday, February 25th, 2012 The conference hall of the Club Mazzini Bologna will host a technical meeting open to all winemakers and wine lovers interested in that subject. The meeting is scheduled on Saturday, February 25th 2012 and is one the activities of research and training promoted by […]

Video 04 – #NEW11 : Federico Giotto, l’equilibrio dei lieviti indigeni

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In this fourth video Federico Giotto illustrates his idea of spontaneous fermentation, giving a metaphor that fully expresses the concept. Giotto, a young Italian wine expert, has been working for years in numerous companies in the Triveneto region, collaborating with Universities and research centres to constantly improve his job as a consultant. His in-depth knowledge […]

Dire pane al pane e vino al vino

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Dire pane al pane e vino al vino nella sua semplicità oggi potrebbe essere più complicato. Nel linguaggio popolare italiano l’espressione” dire pane al pane e vino al vino” significa, come è noto dire e vedere le cose come sono, e non deformate dall’interesse o dalle simpatie di chi parla. E’un candido invito a conservare la […]

Claude Bourguignon parla al #New11 di Zurigo

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During his introductory speech Claude Bourgignon clearly defines the meaning and the significance of “terroir”, a word even too often reduced to a concept tied to environmental aspects. Through his well used words and explanations Claude underlines the profound concept of Terroir that unites Worldwide wine-making and agriculture; a simple concept; the idea that man […]

Isabelle Legeron intervistata sul #NEW11

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This is how the master of wine Isabelle Legeron debrief the event: “VinNatur’s aim as an organisation is an extraordinary one: to develop and further our understanding of natural farming and winemaking for the benefit of future generations. So it was an honour to assist them in the setting up of NEW11, a global press […]

Cos’è successo al #NEW ?

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For the very first time 58 journalists and Master of Wine took part in a successful event that was held last Monday and Tuesday, to discuss natural wine. Monday’s wine-tasting event consisted of looking closely and discussing the work carried out by the VinNatur association: the scientific approach that is applied in producing natural wine! […]

Degustazione VinNatur ad OniricaLab

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Se domani sera siete nei dintorni di Verona e volete avvicinarvi al mondo del vino naturale non potete perdervi la degustazione organizzata da VinNatur ad OniricaLab. Guidati da un produttore dell’associazione capiremo i principi, le tecniche e il lavoro alla base della produzione di un vino naturale. Cosa berremo? – az. agricola La Biancara : […]

Voci dalla vendemmia 2011 – Toscana

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Our associate Giovanni Batacchi PIAN DEL PINO Farm in Tuscany wrote: As for the 2011 vintage here in Tuscany we are not all happy. As usual the media palm us off with information out of reality. Actually the year 2011 will be remembered as one of the most difficult to make wine. It resembles in some aspects to that of 2003 but with some differences, in my opinion, both positive and negative. In 2011 we had a reduced acidity, especially of malic acid, with high grades beyond those of 2003 in […]