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Press Release – 2nd November 2020

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2020 will undoubtedly be remembered as a very strange year; a constantly evolving situation, where possibilities to plan for the future are extremely limited. Because so many things are uncertain right now, it’s easy to forget or overlook certain achievements that have occurred and which bode very positively for the future. We are talking about a […]


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Winemakers who have been part of the association for over two years can now put the VinNatur logo on their labels and capsules to clearly communicate the philosophy of their wines. The decision was made by associate wineries at the beginning of March via an online vote (current circumstances meant that the Annual Training Day […]

New issue of the VinNatur Magazine

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For the VinNatur Tasting in 2019, the Association of natural winegrowers presented the N.0 of the new periodical : a magazine dedicated to our members, enthusiasts and consumers to tell in an engaging and no-frills way what it means to produce natural wine. Now, while waiting for VinNatur Genova 2020 (23rd and 24th February at […]

What’s the situation with the pesticide analysis and inspection visits?

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Increasing checks at VinNatur. Protecting the consumer from “fake natural wine” and unwanted pesticides is not as simple as it may seem. Self-certification from wineries that they abide by the VinNatur Production Regulations (approved in 2016 and recently updated, after the latest AGM) has shown itself to be insufficient. Here’s an update on where we’re […]

The VinNatur Magazine is born !!

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The VinNatur news in 2019 doesn’t stop. During the 16th edition of the VinNatur Tasting, which took at the Margraf Showroom in April, the brand new “VinNatur Magazine” was given out to visitors – in Italian and in English. If you missed your chance at the event, don’t worry – the magazine is now available […]

VinNatur Tasting: new location and new name for the 16th edition

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6th – 7th – 8th April 2019 in Gambellara (VI) the annual event dedicated to natural wines. The image is the work of artist Giulia Perin, winner of the competition. It is the Margraf Showroom in Gambellara (VI) which has been chosen by the VinNatur Association to host the sixteenth edition of its flagship event, renamed […]