Incontro tecnico per produttori – Bologna – sabato 25 febbraio 2012

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Technical meeting for  winemakers – Bologna – Saturday, February 25th, 2012
The conference hall of the Club Mazzini Bologna will host a technical meeting
open to all winemakers and wine lovers interested in that subject. The meeting
is scheduled on Saturday, February 25th 2012 and is one the activities of
research and training promoted by the Association VinNatur.

During the workshop we will discuss all the results achieved and all the
commitments for future researches in the vineyard and winery towards a
healthier environment and cleaner wines.
Any intervention will also give a practical view of the concepts, with plenty
of time for questions and reflections.

Speakers include:
– The agronomist Roger Mazzilli from the Experimental Station for Sustainable
Viticulture, who will illustrate the progress of the project for the
elimination of copper and sulfur for protection from diseases (five companies
from VinNatur are involved with Malvasia, Aglianico, Sangiovese, Garganega and
– Dr. Sauro Simoni – CRA-ABP researcher in Florence – will bring its
contribution on the dynamics and relationships that Phytoseiid mites,
beneficial organisms, set in vineyards over different control strategies
– Dr Michela Azzolini and P.A. Emanuele Tosi researchers at the Center for
Experimentation in Viticulture of the Province of Verona – San Floriano (VR),
will speak of the microbiological aspects of musts and wines and the first
results of the research “Natur Fermentation” (five companies from VinNatur are
involved with  Durella, Teroldego, Prosecco, Garganega, and Valpolicella)

The meeting will be held at the conference room of the club Mazzini (Via
Emilia Levante 6 – BOLOGNA) from 10.00 to 18.00.

Anyone can partcipate by sending an email with your name(s) at info@vinnatur.
The entry fee is 50.00 euros per person, payable only at the door, including a
lunch buffet.

We believe it is an important stage of our work that gives the opportunity for
everyone to increase the personal knowledge of natural winemaking.

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