A new, different, exciting experience with which to retrieve the old value of nature and man’s work; this is the natural wine.

The natural wine comes from a minimal technological intervention in the land, in the grapes and the wine itself, without the use of chemical additives and man’s manipulations. These complex methods require a deep understanding and knowledge of both the vineyard and the winery.

The natural wine is produced in low rather than industrial quantities by an independent producer. The vineyards have low yield per plant and grapes are healthy and free of pesticides; lands are suited to the production of grapes which are harvested by hand with special attention to the integrity of bunches. The grapes do not undergo any chemical treatment nor weeding, no added sugar, enzymes or additives. The fermentations are spontaneous, without the addition of selected yeasts in the laboratory but only yeasts naturally grown in the vineyard; acidity adjustments are excluded as well as micro-oxygenation and reverse osmosis treatment.

(Italiano) Cronistoria delle ricerche VinNatur

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VinNatur reflects upon the project of biological fertility of the soil which was started in 2014 with a small group of associated wineries. “Being familiar with the soil in which your vines grow, its vitality and ability to interact with the environment and the vines themselves, to act and relate to them in the best […]

La ricerca in vigneto.

Objective: to reduce dependence on copper and sulfur By 2016 it is likely that the use of copper for foliar treatments in the vineyard will be forbidden. This is so far the only product used to combat mildew (fungal disease that affects leaves and clusters) allowed in organic viticulture. The only alternative on the market nowadays is […]

Pesticides Free

The Association VinNatur not only focuses on the organization of events dedicated to the promotion and understanding of natural wine. Every year we organize thematic conferences, studies are carried out on soils and winemaking techniques and, for the past three years, VinNatur decided to analyze in depth the products of each associatein order to monitor compliance […]

Research In The Cellar

Until 2009, no research work aimed at profoundly understanding practices and problems surrounding natural vinification and maturation of wine had been carried out. For this reason, we organized a conference called “Natural Yeasts” with the aim to understand what are the most common problems in the cellar encountered by winemakers within the association. VinNatur decided […]