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Winemakers who have been part of the association for over two years can now put the VinNatur logo on their labels and capsules to clearly communicate the philosophy of their wines.

The decision was made by associate wineries at the beginning of March via an online vote (current circumstances meant that the Annual Training Day in Scandicci was cancelled, and along with it, the possibility for wineries to meet  to discuss and evaluate in person.)

We are pleased to announce that the proposition was approved. It allows the final consumer to identify wines from VinNatur members in a simple and clear way. First and foremost, using the logo is a sign that the winery is part of the VinNatur association and we hope that the logo is a source of pride for producers who intend to adopt it.

“We want anyone who buys a bottle of wine with the VinNatur logo to know immediately what are the principles and spirit that guide our work and what are the standards according to which we produce our wine – says Angiolino Maule, president of VinNatur Association. “An easy-to-read symbol for the final consumer, an immediate form of communication and a mark of quality and a guarantee available to all.”

The use of the logo is not compulsory, but is voluntary for Italian members of the association.

vinnatur logo on capsules

It is also an important step forward for the association in terms of its communication of the production philosophy: the VinNatur winemaker is at the same time the grower, maker and bottler of the products he or she presents on the market – it is a sustainable and transparent supply chain, from the vineyard to the bottle with minimal intervention.

In 2016, a charter called the “Regulations for the Production of VinNatur Natural Wine” was approved in order to clearly define what is and is not permitted for VinNatur natural wines.

Since then, the association has sought to verify compliance with these production regulations through the use of a third-party certification body recognized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies. Now, every year, 40% of the associated wineries are selected at random to receive one or two inspection visits from the chosen certification body, Valoritalia. In 2019, 52 wineries were inspected. (Read more about the controls here.)

If a winemaker does not comply with the production regulations, he/she will receive a warning, based on the gravity of the infraction, but which, in extremis, could entail the removal of said winery from the association.

Only with the introduction, implementation and several years of improvements for these inspections, followed by over a decade of pesticide analysis on all VinNatur members, did we finally decide give the green light for members to use the logo.

Therefore anyone who sees a bottle of wine displaying the VinNatur logo will immediately know what are the spirit and principles that guided the creation of the wine and that it has been externally verified. The logo is a guarantee.


  1. Penso che per apprezzare meglio il territorio e la tradizione del vero vino, sia il futuro. Noi siamo quello che beviamo. Il vino Naturale ma fatto con passione.

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