From 13 November 2022
To 14 November 2022

Convento di San Francesco della Vigna
Ramo Al Ponte San Francesco, Venezia, VE, Italia

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VinNatur is going to Venice for the first time! A city which – despite the number of tourists who arrive every day – has a buzzing restaurant scene, often accompanied by a wonderful selection of natural wines.

The beautiful Convento di San Francesco della Vigna will host us for 2 days of wine fair, from 10am until 6pm both days. The parish of San Francesco della Vigna owes its name to the presence of a vineyard (nowadays planted with glera and malvasia, formerly also teroldego) and was the largest in all of Venice (belonging to the Ziani family in 1200).

The Convent is easily reachable by vaporetto (stop: Celestia) or, of course, on foot from the Venezia Santa Lucia train station.

Visitors will be able to register in advance online, from 16th September.

Daily entrance (in the form of a contribution to the association) costs 15 euros.

– > There are no discounts for trade, sommeliers or other, as any profits from the event subsidise the Association’s research projects.

– > Under 18s do not have to pay entrance but they cannot carry out the wine tasting.

For reasons of space and logistics, the number of winemakers will be limited to 65. Who will be there, you ask?

Here’s the list:

FR Languedoc Domaine de Courbissac
IT Abruzzo Marina Palusci
IT Abruzzo Rabasco
IT Abruzzo Vini MorMaj
IT Alto Adige Reyter
IT Alto Adige Thomas Niedermayr
IT Campania Fontana Falcone di Marco Praitano
IT Campania Villa Lupara
IT Emilia Romagna Cantina del Frignano
IT Emilia Romagna Cinque Campi
IT Emilia Romagna Donati Camillo
IT Emilia Romagna Ferretti Vini
IT Emilia Romagna Il Farneto
IT Emilia Romagna Il Maiolo
IT Emilia Romagna Monte Duro di Devid Sassi
IT Emilia Romagna Saccomani
IT Friuli Villa Job
IT Lazio Cantina Ribelà
IT Lazio Riccardi Reale
IT Lazio Tomei
IT Lombardia Castello di Stefanago
IT Lombardia Perego & Perego
IT Lombardia Tenuta Belvedere
IT Marche Il Gelso Moro
IT Piemonte Agricola Bes
IT Piemonte Cascina Zerbetta
IT Piemonte Crealto
IT Puglia De Quarto Vitivinicoltori
IT Puglia Valentina Passalacqua
IT Sicilia Bagolaro
IT Sicilia Emilio Sciacca
IT Sicilia Tenuta La Favola
IT Toscana Carlo Tanganelli
IT Toscana Casale
IT Toscana Pian del Pino
IT Toscana Podere Casaccia
IT Toscana Podere Giocoli
IT Toscana Podere Pian di Meta Vecchia
IT Umbria Cantina Marco Merli
IT Val Aosta La Cantina di Cuneaz
IT Veneto Adagio Vini
IT Veneto Alla Costiera
IT Veneto Ca’ Lustra
IT Veneto Calalta di Nicola Brunetti
IT Veneto Casa Belfi
IT Veneto Corte Bravi
IT Veneto Camerani – Adalia & Corte Sant’Alda
IT Veneto Dalle Ore
IT Veneto Davide Vignato
IT Veneto Elvira
IT Veneto Filippi
IT Veneto Il Cavallino di Maule Sauro
IT Veneto Il Monte Caro
IT Veneto Il Roccolo di Monticelli
IT Veneto La Biancara
IT Veneto Meggiolaro Vini
IT Veneto Montenigo
IT Veneto Nevio Scala
IT Veneto Santa Colomba
IT Veneto Tenuta Maraveja
IT Veneto Terre di Pietra
SI Brda Nando Azienda
SI Brda Reia
SI Carso Ren?el
SI Istria klabjan