From 28 May 2017
To 29 May 2017

(Italiano) Papirhallen
(Italiano) Trangravsvej 5, 1436 Copenhagen K

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VinNatur Denmark – natural wine tasting – 28th / 29th May 2017   

The association of natural wine producers VinNatur is pleased to invite you to a tasting of natural wines. No less than 70 European wine makers visit Copenhagen 28th & 29th May for the presentation of their wines and to tell about what is in the bottles.

The tasting will take place over two days. Sunday 28th will be open for the public against a modest fee (DKr. 250) while Monday the 29th is reserved invited professionals.

The tasting will be a unique chance to meet the wine makers and get to know what natural wine is. The phenomenon has over the past ten years been subject to both fascination and criticism and the opinion on what natural wine actually is spans across wines made with the least possible interference by the producer to organic wines with a low content of sulfur.

Come and meet the wine makers. They will present their wines and tell you about VinNatur’s work for a common certified standard and their visions in the long run.

VinNatur was created in 2006 on initiative of Angiolino Maule, La Biancara, Veneto. The objective was to unify European wine makers in order to share experience on methods and techniques in the production of wine in respect for the nature’s cycle, the field’s uniqueness and fine craftsmanship in both the field and in the cellar.

Today the association counts more than 170 wine makers from 9 countries. All work on the same guidelines for the production of nature wines and all are subjected to a strict annual control – no residuals of pesticides and a maximum of 50 mg sulfur oxide per liter.

Welcome in Papirhallen, Trangravsvej 5, 1436 Copenhagen K, Monday the 29th May 2017, from 10 am to 6 pm.

Registration for Monday 29th May 2017: Please, send an e-mail to informing the number of the participants.

Registration for guests on Sunday the 28th; (to be further described)