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VinNatur attracts importers. Every year the exhibitions organized by the Associazione Viticoltori Naturali (Natural Vinegrowers Association) attract an increasing number of importers and the wine produced by our members now reaches every continent.

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VinNatur Genova closed a few weeks ago and while its success is still alive in everyone’s mind VILLA FAVORITA is about to open its doors in the evocative “La Favorita” villa, in Monticello di Fara – Sarego, in the province of Vicenza, from Saturday 21st to Monday 23rd March.

145 VinNatur members, coming from 17 Italian regions and 6 European countries will be exhibiting their produce. They will be presenting their wines to the public but also to the hundreds of importers from all over the world who will be visiting the exhibition.

The 320 operators that were accredited in 2014 could be outnumbered this year, thanks to the intense marketing activities of the association and thanks to the TASTING ROOM, a unique place reserved to the professionals of the sector where they can concentrate on tasting wines in a dedicated area, away from the crowds of the main exhibiting section and with the bottles at the correct temperature, to then move on to the producers table to bring negotiations to an end.  Here are two example contributions. The youngest of the wine makers, Sauro Maule, is the owner of Il Cavallino (San Germano dei Berici, Vicenza) and has been a member since 2012. Sauro is in his late twenties and is already present in very important markets, like France and Australia, thanks to the contacts he made in the previous editions of Villa Favorita. He is now ready to make the big move to the USA, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco after being selected by a well-known buyer who tasted his wines at the Genova exhibition, appreciating their quality-price ratio.

The experience of Il Cancelliere (Montemarano, Avellino), instead, is a light that shines over the close ties between VinNatur and Japan. 10 producers have just completed a demanding 10-day tour of five Japanese towns, during which they had the opportunity to present their wines during tasting sessions, meetings and dedicated events. They were triumphantly welcomed and came back home with many contacts that prove that natural wines and Japanese people enjoy a very special relationship and which confirm their knowledge of and passion for wine.

Claudio Panetta, the company sales manager, told us: “It was an exhilarating trip. All the tasting sessions organized by our main Japanese importers were packed full of people. At the end of one such nights our delegation was even invited on a stage, as if they were actors, and were complimented by the all the participants. Japanese people are quiet, observant and very respectful, but we all know that wine is a universal language, understood by all those who love it, and our enthusiasm rubbed off on many occasions. And they welcomed us with open arms never tiring of learning more on how we grow our vines”.

Angiolino Maule explains VinNatur’s philosophy and approach as regards this: “Our association does not organize these events to make money, but to support our members’ work, both in the vineyards and in the commercial sector. We invest the profits of our two annual events in research project that help us to work better and to offer producers more opportunities to find new markets for their wines and expand their business. And we’ve managed to do just that.”

 Villa Favorita in brief

Dates: Saturday 21st to Monday 23rd March 2015

Venue: La Favorita villa – via Favorita 6, Monticello di Fara, Sarego – Vicenza

Opening hours: every day, from 10 am to 6 pm

Ticket: Euro 20.00, exhibition catalogue and flute for wine tasting are included

If you arrive by train: there is a shuttle bus from the Montebello Vicentino railway station   If you arrive by car: there is a parking reserved to visitors

FaceBook and Twitter: @VinNatur

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