Cos’è successo al #NEW ?

In Eventi -
For the very first time 58 journalists and Master of Wine took part in a successful event that was held last Monday and Tuesday, to discuss natural wine.

Monday’s wine-tasting event consisted of looking closely and discussing the work carried out by the VinNatur association: the scientific approach that is applied in producing natural wine!
Those present appeared to be extremely interested, even beyond expectations, and as a result the talks continued for more than an hour over the scheduled time deadline. The issues raised during the discussion were of utmost quality and importance.
All the speeches were well received and Isabelle Legeron showed great skills in moderating and leading the wine-tasting, both in a professional and lively way.

The event on Tuesday the 15th was attended by 98 producers from all over Europe who presented their wines. There was a good turnout by the Swiss public and there was a substantial presence of importers from northern Europe (Sweden, Netherlands and Norway in particular), thus demonstrating how natural wine is gaining ground in these countries.

Participation may not have been chaotic but it was certainly of quality!

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