Video 07 : #NEW11 : Jonathan Nossiter, vino naturale e cinema d’altri tempi.

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Jonathan Nossiter is an American director, famous for the film-documentary “Mondovino” which was filmed in 2004 but is still current today. He has been close to our association for years, he loves authentic wine, and supports the cause of natural wines enthusiastically, enough so to participate in numerous presentations and tastings in Italy. His is […]

Video 06 : #NEW11: Daniele Piccinin, le piante curative per il vigneto.

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The subject of the sixth video is Daniele Piccinin, a young vine grower who for a few years has been experimenting a new method for looking after vineyards.  His short intervention witnesses the passion that young farmers have when approaching this world, bringing great inspiration to improve our research work.

Video 05 : #NEW11 : Elisabetta Foradori, contadini, attenti osservatori della Natura.

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The difficulties and risks of a job that is both difficult but at the same time fascinating told by a vineyard owner who knew how to transform her vineyard over time, becoming the promoter of a way of cultivating that is only slightly invasive but free from chemical interventions. An example of a medium-large sized […]

Video 04 – #NEW11 : Federico Giotto, l’equilibrio dei lieviti indigeni

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In this fourth video Federico Giotto illustrates his idea of spontaneous fermentation, giving a metaphor that fully expresses the concept. Giotto, a young Italian wine expert, has been working for years in numerous companies in the Triveneto region, collaborating with Universities and research centres to constantly improve his job as a consultant. His in-depth knowledge […]

Claude Bourguignon parla al #New11 di Zurigo

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During his introductory speech Claude Bourgignon clearly defines the meaning and the significance of “terroir”, a word even too often reduced to a concept tied to environmental aspects. Through his well used words and explanations Claude underlines the profound concept of Terroir that unites Worldwide wine-making and agriculture; a simple concept; the idea that man […]

“Natural European Wines” a Zurigo.

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14 e 15 novembre 2011 World trade center – Zurigo Nell’ambito delle attività di divulgazione e ricerca condotte dall’Associazione VinNatur nasce l’esigenza di organizzare un evento di incontro/presentazione dei vini naturali coinvolgendo le principali testate giornalistiche del mondo del vino. La location sarà il modernissimo complesso espositivo della città di Zurigo, il World Trade Center ( Natural European Wines ha lo scopo di […]

Natural Wine.

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A new, different, exciting experience with which to retrieve the old value of nature and man’s work; this is the natural wine. The natural wine comes from a minimal technological intervention in the land, in the grapes and the wine itself, without the use of chemical additives and man’s manipulations. These complex methods require a deep understanding and knowledge of both the vineyard and the winery. The natural wine is produced in low rather than industrial quantities by an independent producer. The vineyards have low […]

Convegno “Fermenti Naturali”.

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Il convegno “FERMENTI NATURALI” dedicato alle fermentazioni spontanee, organizzato da VinNatur, ha avuto un ottimo successo . Tra i 120 partecipanti, oltre a produttori associati a VinNatur, anche viticoltori che intendono avvicinarsi alle attività dell’associazione ed una buona rappresentanza di enologi e giornalisti, a testimonianza dell’interesse suscitato dal tema del convegno.I lavori sono iniziati alle […]