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Terrazze Singhie

Terrazze Singhie is an artisanal wine estate in Orco Feglino, west coast of Liguria. Our vineyard is made by 29 centenary terraces surrounded by forest. All the vineyard still have the ligurian traditional structure made by chestnut posts collected from the forest. We follow biodynamic agricolture and we do everything by hand. We farm Lumassina grapes, an old variety from the area . We ferment with wild yeast in stainless steel tank and we age our wine for 11 month in oak barrel.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 2936
Ettari vitati: 0.6
Zona viticola: Colline Savonesi

Vini prodotti:
Lumassina di Bosco
Via Tommaseo 8
17043 Carcare IT
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