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Good wine is the most precious and most beautiful gift of nature, and it is like every of her part unique and unrepeatable. It is a drink witch had been given us over most noble plant, vine. We must taking it like a gift and do not changing it. Not even in vineyard with forced growth and immoderate chemical protection, where we are ruining all natural balances, and not even in wine caller with new techniques of taste standardization. Microclimatic conditions, soil character and conscientious work of vine-grower, should be like a mother to the vine, who is giving it all that it need for growth and leaving. She should give it her own mark, which will be lately seen in the wines. They will reach their own individual potential and reflect work and soul of winemaker. Now we are cultivating 5 ha of vineyards. We are certificated organic producer since 2008 . The cultivars we are producing are: Sauvignon, Pinot noir, Yellow Muscat , Reasling, Pinot grey, Chardonnay.
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Alter - Renski rizling - Modri pinot - Sauvignon Blanc - Rumeni muškat - Sauvignon Blanc
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