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Musto Carmelitano az. Agr.

Musto Carmelitano is a family winery run by Elisabetta Musto Carmelitano, a passionate and reliable entrepreneur. With the help of all her family she has been able to invest in the quality of their wine. In 2007 thanks to Fortunato Sebastiano, her qualified oenologist and organic viticulture expert, it has been possible to obtain high-class wines, mixing tradition and a more distinctive, terroir based, wine conception. Aglianico del Vulture grapes are selected very carefully, hand-picked and grown by taking inspiration from the biological and organic agriculture. Musto Carmelitano winery is extremely careful with the transformation of the grape into wine so that all of its precious organoleptic traits are preserved. Grapes come from different vineyards: Pian del Moro (80 years old), Serra del Prete (45 years old) and Vernavà (25 years old). To accomplish this, they avoid all clarifying and filtering processes and do not allow any type of stabilization procedures. Musto Carmelitano wines are made with traditional methods, with great respect for the environment and protecting consumer's interests
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Pian del Moro DOC - Serra del Prete DOC - Maschitano rosso- Maschitano rosato - Maschitano bianco
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