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We proudly practice a low intervention style of winemaking; our wines are artisanal, fermented with indigenous yeasts and not filtered or fined. The results are vibrant, aromatic, and distinctive wines that defy the shortcomings of modern assembly line wine production. The philosophy that guides Mas Zenitude is simple: “Work with the natural energies that create and maintain life.” We practice biodynamic viticulture, and no pesticides or artificial fertilizers, additives or SO2 are ever used.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 18000
Ettari vitati: 5
Zona viticola: Languedoc

Vini prodotti:
Solstice Zizanie Roze Audace Equinox Vent d'Anges Zenith
Route de Lagamas
34150 St Jean de Fos FR
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