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Lusenti Az. Agr.

The Lusenti vine growing and wine producing company has been handed down from father to daughter with a love for wine and for its terroir, where we have decided to live and work. Here we look after our 17 hectares of vineyards, laid out with care on the gentle, sunny hills. Our wines are born from the harmonious integration of knowledge of the land, traditional methods of cultivation and care for the product ensuring that all that is contained within a fine bunch of grapes reaches our bottles in its entirety of perfumes, colour and bouquet.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 120000
Ettari vitati: 17

Vini prodotti:
Gutturnio Superiore Cresta al Sole - Gutturnio Frizzante Tournesol - Malvasia Frizzante Emiliana - Passito Il Piriolo - Passito Pistamota - Malvasia Bianca Regina - Cabernet Suvignon Villante - Pinot Nero Fiocco di Rose - Ortrugo Ciano
Loc. Casa Piccioni 57
29010 Ziano Piacentino IT
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