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Cantina La Sughera

Cantina La Sughera cultivates and tries to enhance native Sardinian grape varieties such as Caricagiola, Bovale sardo, Cagnulari, Vermentino and Arvesiniadu. All processes are carried out personally, with great attention to nature and biodiversity. Our vineyard is located at 480 meters high, between sea and mountains. The vinification begins with spontaneous fermentation and has as its final goal to obtain natural quality wines that respect the typicality of the grapes used.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 6000
Ettari vitati: 2.5
Zona viticola: Gallura, Sardegna del Nord

Vini prodotti:
Ino (Vermentino) – Iadu (Arvesiniadu/Vermentino/Moscato) – Vale rosato (Bovale/Cannonau/Monica) – Iola (Caricagiola/Monica) – Vale (Bovale/Cannonau/Merlot) – Lari (Cagnulari/Cannonau)