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Il Farneto

We are a small winery located in the Emilia area, in the hills of Scandiano and Canossa. We produce organic wines according to winemaking natural spontaneous fermentation without the addition of yeast, no filtration and fining.. Our intentions is to produce wines that are the expression of the territory and they are distinguished by their peculiar characteristics.The total hectares planted are 23 with 8 of Spergola, the typical, native variety of this area.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 130000
Ettari vitati: 23

Vini prodotti:
Brut Nature - Mary of Modena - Frisant Bianco - Frisant Rosato - Frisant Rosso - Spergle - Berzmein - Giandon Bianco - Giandon Rosato - Giandon Rosso - God Save the Wine- Gabian Bianco- Gabian Rosso
Via Covetta, 50
42014 Tressano di Castellarano (RE) IT
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