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Piccola Cantina Rossi

The Piccola Cantina Rossi is a family-run Umbrian winery. The artisan production of wine is carried out according to country tradition. All activities are carried out by family members, from manual grape picking, to pressing, bottling (manual, directly from the barrels) and labeling. In our wines only grapes of our exclusive production and sulfites at minimum levels, no adjuvant, no filtration.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 4000
Ettari vitati: 4
Zona viticola: Doc Colli Perugini

Vini prodotti:
-Grechetto (Umbria IGT-Bianco) -Dory Sauvignon Blanc (Umbria IGT-Orange) -Trebbiano (Umbria IGT-Bianco-Orange) -San Colombaro (Umbria IGT-Bianco-Orange) -Ciliegiolo (Umbria IGT-Rosso) -Sangiovese (Umbria IGT) -Merlot (Umbria IGT) -Cabernet Sauvignon (Umbria IGT) -Montepulciano d'Abruzzo (Umbria IGT-Rosso) -VignaDina (Umbria IGT-Rosso) -Sabatta (Umbria IGT-Rosso)
Fraz. Castello delle Forme
06055 Marsciano IT
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