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Carussin di Bruna Ferro

I cannot therefore, speak of Carussin and our work without involving you in what happens to us, because we are all the "engine" of Carussin! This was an enlightening year for me: I got sick! I did not fight the disease, I simply used it .. a bit like as if there were weeds in the soil, removing them would be useless if you do not study the reason for their appearance in the first place! Anyway, I will not attend any more exhibitions and events, rather I'll stay at home, in my habitat, to welcome those who want to "touch" Carussin, our Vineyards, Wines, Donkeys etc. etc.. To understand that the work of the farmer is important and therefore, walking in the vineyards and realizing how we work is for everyone (customers, tourists, fans, the curious ), a fundamental experience to understanding Agriculture. Walking in the vineyards allows you to draw your own conclusions and opinions regarding the elements like the Earth, Air, Fire (Sun) and Water, which allow us to live, and together make up the inimitable result of the work of the farmer. Lia Vì and La Tranquilla. The Barbera d'Asti Nizza Ferro Carlo will not see the light in 2012! The grapes were instead added to the low production of our other Barberas! In addition, the vinification of Nebbiolo grapes for the Non Dos project "Felice", saw as main protagonists some Nebbiolo grapes from a part of the Rocche Vineyard from Annunziata di La Morra! It is a wonderful experience to see our customers become co-producers! closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays, dedicated to helping Carussin a bit and for procuring cheese and salami..
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