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Esencia Rural

In Esencia Rural convinced of the quality of the fruit that is harvested each year, decides to focus its energies on elaborating a wine that, almost gratuitously, the land offers. The winery has been situated in the old nave located in the corral at the back of the family house. We work the typical varieties of the zone: Airen (ungrafted vines) and Cencibel (Tempranillo) and Tinto Velasco (ungrafted vines). The grapes are harvested manually each autumn, at the ideal moment for their elaboration
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 60000
Ettari vitati: 35

Vini prodotti:
Pampaneo tempranillo - Pampaneo airen - De sol a sol airen - De sol a sol tinto velasco - De sol a sol dulce
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45790 Quero ES
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