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Il Roccolo di Monticelli is a young and small company, born out of a desire to bring back to life an old family vineyard on the limestone hills between Verona and Soave, inside of a small “clos”. Here an old vineyard, dating back to the 60’s, grows beside an area with thousand-year-old olives. The admiration for our land makes us work with the maximum respect for the soil and the biodiversity, and create genuine wines completely connected to their land.
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 10000
Ettari vitati: 3
Zona viticola: Soave e Valpolicella

Vini prodotti:
MONTICELLI BIANCO, vino bianco da uve Garganega MONTICELLI ROSSO, vino rosso da uve Corvina CINICALLEGRA SL, vino bianco rifermentato in bottiglia da uve Garganega