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Sometime you fall in love with an idea, a place, a moment. Adagio is founded on these elements and by our willingness to make a project. We are in the heart of Colli Berici, near Vicenza, and what guides us is: - The enhancement of the land - The desire to explore with curiosity, trying to look to matters with different perspectives - The will to offer wines and products capable of evoking stories, places and the people who are part of it
Dati Produzione Vinicola
Bottiglie prodotte: 8000
Ettari vitati: 2
Zona viticola: Colli Berici

Vini prodotti:
Venerdì - Garganega ferma Legami - Tai Rosso Prospettiva1 - Chardonnay Prospettiva2 - Cabernet Sauvignon
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36048 Barbarano Mossano IT
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